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In addition to legal and technical specialized translations, we have also been offering patent translations for more than 23 years and are therefore perfectly familiar with the particularities regarding phrasing and formatting.

As a matter of principle, our translations of patent applications, patent specifications, oppositions, examination and search reports and further patent texts are generally prepared by specialized  native-speaking translators of the target language. We thus not only  guarantee a topical linguistic usage, but also absolute linguistic  correctness. The correctness of the contents is subsequently verified by a specialized native-speaking translator of the source language.

We cooperate with a small network of qualified specialized translators who offer long-standing experience as patent translators. Amongst others, this approach ensures the usage of consistent terminology for all patent specifications prepared by the same applicant.

You may optionally submit your orders by e-mail, fax or mail.
Please also inform us on any specific formatting requirements you may have.  Otherwise, we will adopt the guidelines issued by the European Patent Office.

The confidential treatment of your patents as well as the due delivery of your patent translations present matters of due course.

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